Parenting Hero makes its debut on the AppStore!

Today our latest production, Parenting Hero, made its debut on the AppStore. It is a mobile application that makes it easier for parents to build effective communication with their children. The app is based on the advice in the book “How to talk so children listen to us.” by Joanna Faber and Julie King.

The parent using the app plays out a series of scenes during which they go through situations from everyday life. How do you behave when your child refuses to eat during breakfast? Or decides to try its hand as a… drummer 😉

Parenting Hero - screeenshot 1

The application will suggest three solutions and it will be up to us to choose the right one. However, if we choose wrongly – nothing is lost.  We will only see the consequences of our decision on the smartphone screen, so our children and pots will remain untouched 🙂

Parenting Hero - screenshot 4

The operation of the application can be seen in the video below:

Currently, the application is only available for iOS smartphone users. It cost 23.99 PLN. You can download it under this link.

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