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Learning and personal development used to be mainly associated with boring hours spent over an unappetising textbook or at the school desk. From bell to bell (later in life line from coffee to coffee) – time stretched out like chewing gum. Of course, this was not always the case – a lot depended on the teacher.  Nevertheless, the methods of passing on knowledge were just what they were. Quite fossilised and dusty. Fortunately, education has moved with a spirit of time and other forms and techniques of passing on knowledge have emerged – ones that stimulate curiosity and intrinsic motivation. That’s how it is: the fastest way to learn content is by acting and having fun! 

As a company, we focus on personal development in the broadest sense. Some of our applications are dedicated to people who want to exercise their grey matter, enrich their knowledge and intellectual abilities while having fun at the same time! Or the other way around: having fun while developing themselves. 

Not everyone has the opportunity to purchase apps. To meet this challenge, we have taken up collaboration with a number of entities, providing them with codes enabling them to download apps such as Parenting Hero or Hexologic for free.  Codes for Parenting Hero have gone out to parents, child carers and the staff of: nurseries, toddler clubs, club cafés, kindergartens, psychological-educational counselling centres, family foster homes, birthing schools, libraries and social care centres. Hexologic, on the other hand, warms up the grey cells of pupils and staff in primary schools and day care centres all over Poland!

Some of our apps are free of charge, including  Geo Flags Academy, Chess Ace, In One Piece, Block Roll 3D, Maze 64 – news of these has also been let out and they are waiting for the daredevils to step up to the challenge! 

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