MythicOwl in the Edu-Tech 2016 report!

Yes yes, you can see us in the latest Edu-Tech 2016 report prepared by!

This publication is dedicated to modern science and technology in the world of education. In it, you will find analyses, expert commentary, as well as rankings and lists of the most interesting start-ups, e-learning platforms and language learning apps – in a word, everything that might be of interest to an edu-freak! We especially recommend you page 19, where MythicOwl made its debut for the first time – with a new name and a new logo, and the presentation of two games:  Geo Flags Academy and Reach For The Skies :).

But let’s go back to the report itself and the findings contained therein – unfortunately, they are not very optimistic…

The Edu-Tech 2016 report presents Eurostat data showing that Poles aged 16-29 rank below the EU average (55 against 65 per cent) even in such a mundane skill as using knowledge sources like Wikipedia. Programming skills are also low. In the most advanced countries, such as Finland, for example, the percentage of people who have written a programme using a specialised language in their lives is 38 per cent. In Poland, it is three times lower at only 14 per cent.

Access to computers at school, as well as teachers’ competences, translate into young people’s digital competence levels. Unfortunately, as research shows, our country ranks below the average of all OECD countries. The best results in this area – above 300 points – were achieved by Finns, Swedes, Dutch and Japanese. According to the PIAAC survey, the average score of Polish young people (aged 16-24) in terms of digital problem-solving skills was 287 points, while the average is 295 points, concludes Karolina Marzantowicz, an architect and advisor for banking clients in Europe at IBM and a member of the IBM Academy of Technology.

Unfortunately, there is still much to be done in Poland in terms of technology education and digitisation. We would like children to learn programming, digital competence and innovative approaches from an early age.  Only in this way will we be able to develop entrepreneurship and conquer the world!

You can download the entire Edu-Tech report  HERE

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