MythicOwl makes its debut in the Buddy magazine!

Do you know the Buddy magazine?  It’s a magazine for children aged 7 to 10, which is a sister magazine to magazines such as Victor, Victor Junior and Cogito.

On the third page you can see an advertisement for our three games: Divido, Reach For The Skies and Geo Flags Academy!  (By the way, we are planning posts for you in which we will describe each of our games, so look forward to them on the blog! :))

We are very happy that we can present our games to the youngest! Kumpel is a very interesting magazine in which the youngest will find interesting stories and quizzes, competitions, and articles discussing issues based on the curriculum in an accessible way. This is a must-have title for the youngest who are hungry for knowledge, but also for teachers who can be inspired by the content of Buddy in their didactic work :).

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