A journey to the land of magic – an audiobook for the youngest!

The idea for creating the audiobook is connected with a special little boy – Arek.  This boy looks at the world differently than most of us.  He is able to live “here and now”.  He does not pretend to be someone he is not.  He is simply himself. He teaches his family and friends to notice the little things that we often don’t notice in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  And being. With himself and for himself.  He has been diagnosed with autism. This dry word in no way captures his uniqueness and authenticity.  He is fascinated by sounds, numbers, letters and animals. He loves songs and poems. It is for him that this soundtrack audiobook was created. But also for all other children who want to experience a wonderful and entertaining journey in the world of fairy tales and at the same time learn this and that about nature, mathematics or geography.

Our audiobook also exercises and stimulates speech development by weaving in phonemes, syllables and sound-alike words. 

It didn’t take long from the idea to its realisation. At first, there was the fairy tale “Enchanted book.  Four worlds”. Its writing was an immersive and exciting experience!  Once the text was ready, we proceeded to record the dialogue. Most of us were a little nervous at the beginning, but then it went very smoothly. And there was a lot of laughter – after all, it’s not every day that we play a frog, a wolf, a goat, a unicorn or a bookworm!  The recording was released in December.  All that was left was to invite Arek and the other children to experience this adventure with us! We visited four worlds together – an enchanted forest, a secret meadow, a merry farm and a fairy cottage! The children also met a representative of our company, the owl MythicOwl, who, snapped out of her nap in the middle of the day, nonetheless rose to the challenge and helped our little heroes complete one of their missions! 

We also invite you to take this journey with us – not only children have access to the land of fairy tales! Here are your keys to the world of fantasy: 

  1. The magic forest

2. The secret meadow

3. The merry farm

4. The fairy cottage

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