Conflict of interest – a few words about home BATTLES.

Building dialogue and reaching agreement in general is not an easy thing even for adults. With regard to the relationship with the child, it’s like stepping on a minefield. Especially during periods of increased rebellion of a young person, that is, on average, every couple of years ๐Ÿ˜‰ One unfortunate step and it’s swept away.

Often in a conflict situation, we react with anger, give orders or use unflattering terms toward the child. This usually only exacerbates his stubbornness and rebellion. Fortunately, there are some principles that can help us build understanding. And best of all, they don’t just apply to the relationship with the child. You can get acquainted with them in the Parenting Hero app.

You’ll see a foretaste in a video about a young drummer and his busy father. A typical situation – the child is having a wonderful time making cosmic noise. The parent is beginning to lose patience as he has work to finish. How can this end? Well, either with a phenomenal argument or with cooperation, understanding and mutual respect for each other’s needs. The key in this case is to accept the child’s feelings and needs, then verbalize your own, and find a joint solution to the conflict – one that satisfies both parties.

Or perhaps you are interested in the question of how to enforce the child’s maintenance of order around him? How many times do we step on food spilled on the floor or stick to a sticky table? And this is usually 5 minutes before leaving for work. Can this be avoided? Yes, just need to know how to approach the subject differently. Punishments, shouting and challenges will not have the desired effect. And even if it is, it will not be a lasting effect that comes from understanding the situation. A far better way would be to tell your feelings and show the child how he can correct the mistake. See for yourself!

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