Hexologic has supported Universities of the Third Age!

As wise people say, life begins after 40! You can successfully modify this saying and say that it starts after 60! That’s when we can leave the work-related reel and take care of ourselves in peace!

There is an opportunity to pursue interests and passions that may have previously lacked space. Autumn of life can be a creative and exciting time – a time for further personal development. Third Age Universities play a not insignificant role in this area – giving Seniors the opportunity to develop interests, learn new skills, come into contact with other people and enjoy joint activities. Being active both physically and mentally promotes longevity and well-being!

Wanting to share with Students our way to easily and pleasantly train their gray cells, we have made the mathematical puzzle game Hexologic for PC available to Universities of the Third Age from the Mazovia Province. We hope that the gameplay will make the time more pleasant for many Seniors!

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