PlanetPlay – climate saving games.

Instead of thinking what the planet can offer us, let’s think what positive things we can offer it!

Human activity dating back to the Industrial Revolution has caused the Earth’s average temperature to rise by more than 1 °C. Irreversible changes on the planet, as a result of imbalance of the global climate system, can occur with warming of approx. 1,5°C. So, we are close to that limit.

With a 2 °C increase in global average temperature, there will be, among other things: floods, violent storms, droughts, windstorms, rising sea and ocean levels. This will cause economic losses, easier spread of infectious diseases and drama for many beings—all the inhabitants of Earth.

The main impact on climate warming is the increase in carbon dioxide emissions and changes in sulfur dioxide concentrations. The direct cause of the increase in their emissions is the many years of human burning of fossil fuels (coal, oil, gas).

The vision is depressing, but we can still remedy it to some extent. If only by partnering with organizations like PlanetPlay! Our games, Hexologic, One Line Coloring and Trancelation, are already available in their marketplace.

PlanetPlay is a nonprofit organization that educates and funds projects aimed at slowing down the progression of climate change. It has established partnerships with game developers and enabled audiences to make positive contributions to this socially relevant topic.

Play and help!

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